Tesla Begins Taking Orders For New Solar Roof Tiles With Installations to Begin This Summer

Tesla, the electric vehicle and sustainable electricity giant has announced that people can now begin placing orders for their new solar roof tiles on the Tesla web site with installations to begin this summer in the United States and early 2018 for other parts of the world.  There has been much excitement in the renewable energy field about the new solar roofing tiles ever since they were announced, as they will produce the same or more electricity as regular photovoltaic solar panels, but they will look just like regular roofing tiles.  Built to withstand the elements, they can even be fitted with heating devices that can melt snow of during the winter in order to keep the roof clear so they can capture as much of the sun’s energy as possible.

Tesla even claims that the new solar roof tiles will be even more affordable than standard roofing materials at around $21.85 per square foot, and that they will ultimately pay for themselves over time because of the money saved due to not having to pay for electricity for the home.  There will be four different designs for Solar Roof, including a textured finish, a smooth finish, a terra cotta looking tuscan finish, and coming next year will be a slate looking finish.  Solar Roof tiles are Class 4 FM 4473, Class F ASTM D3161, and Class A UL 790 rated – which means that they have the best hail, wind, and fire ratings available.

Tesla's Solar Roof

A home featuring Tesla’s new Solar Roof roofing tiles

Tesla claims that the new Solar Roof tiles will be more than 3 times stronger than traditional roofing materials and as such they will provide an infinite warranty.  That means that they will warranty the panels for an infinite amount of time (or the lifetime of your house, whichever comes first) with a power generation warranty of 30 years.  Now that sounds like a company who is willing to stand by their product.

The roofing tiles will come in two types, solar generating tiles and regular tiles, which will be used together to create the entire roofing surface of the house.  Both types of tiles will look exactly the same from the street and the amount of each tile can be determined by the electricity needs of the home.  So for homes with more electricity needs, more solar tiles can be used in order to have more electricity generating capability.  And of course, Tesla plans on marketing their PowerWall devices to Solar Roof customers as well, so they can store the excess power they generate during the day for use at night and high power usage times.


Prospective customers can use Tesla’s Solar Roof calculator in order to determine how much the Solar Roof will cost them.

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