Over 2 Million Electric Vehicles Are Now on the Road

As Ars Technica writes, the number of electric vehicles on the road today totals over 2 million – with over 750,000 being sold last year alone, up from about 500,000 the year before.  Although this is about 0.2% market share, this is encouraging news considering the fact the number is growing steadily every year and electric vehicles are still relatively new to the market.  Although there were a few test releases in the 90’s of EVs like GM’s EV-1 and electric models of existing cars such as the Ford Ranger pick-up truck and Toyota Rav4 SUV, the electric vehicle only recently appeared on the mainstream radar.  Sure electric cars date back over a century, but until recently they were slow and had horrible range so they were mainly used as in-town grocery getters and soccer practice mobiles.  Not until battery and electric motor technology improved did EVs start to become viable as replacements for vehicles with internal combustion engines.  And now that people are starting to see that electric cars can actually replace their old fossil fuel powered cars the EV market share is starting to increase.  If the pace continues to quicken, electric cars will soon become much more popular.  And if manufacturers like Tesla continue to make electric cars cool and sexy, they will have a bright future indeed.  As long as battery technology continues to improve and the charger infrastructure is improved, electric vehicles will be very popular in the near future.

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