Fisker Patents Electric Car Battery That Will Charge in 1 Minute

One of Tesla’s main rivals as far as electric cars and battery technology goes, Fisker, is a luxury electric car startup that was founded by a former Tesla consultant Henrik Fisker, and they have recently filed patents for a new battery technology that could change the current battery landscape forever.  Their new batteries could give a vehicle a range of 500 miles or more with being able to charge completely in less than one minute.  Compare this to the current batteries that are available from Tesla, which top out at about 335 miles and the fastest they can be charged up is about half an hour at one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations.


However this technology is just in its infancy, and any viable vehicles using the technology will not be available until at least 2023.  But when they do start to emerge in products such as vehicles, power walls, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronic devices, they could provide 2.5 times the energy density as current lithium batteries while costing about one third of the price of today’s batteries.  That means that everything from electric cars to smart phones in the next decade could be much smaller and last much longer, all while bringing the prices down, if the technology pans out.  That means that electric cars will not only have longer range and be able to charge quicker, but the battery packs could take up less space and weigh less, making electric cars smaller and lighter weight than today’s current models.  And imagine only having to plug your smart phone or other devices in for a matter of a few seconds in order to get a full charge.  Say goodbye to dead phones, if you ever forget to charge your phone at night all you need to do is plug it in for a bit and by the time you brush your teeth it will be charged!  I think this technology has a lot of great applications, not just in electric cars.  Hopefully it comes to fruition soon and Fisker doesn’t keep it only in cars, as I think it could definitely change everything that is battery powered today.

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