Electric Vehicle Blog Launch

Welcome to the launch of my new Electric Vehicle Blog!  As I am a avid car enthusiast, as well as a wannabe electrical engineer, it is obvious that I am interested in electric vehicles as well.  I just love the engineering that goes into electric cars.  The fact that in just a few short years, electric cars were thought of as slow golf cart like vehicles to super fast, super economical cars that are coveted as some of the nicest, coolest, and fastest cars in the world.  Most of that is due to the fact that Elon Musk has taken Tesla Motors to a new level of engineering for electric vehicles that no car maker really had before.  No longer are electric cars slow and boring.  Now electric vehicles are coveted as cool and is now a selling point among car manufacturers that they produce either electric or hybrid electric cars.

Of course fossil fuels are known to be running out and they produce harmful emissions when burned.  Even if you don’t believe in climate change the fact that gasoline, when burned in an internal combustion engine, causes a lot of bad gasses to be created is irrefutable.  If they weren’t bad, they wouldn’t need such complicated catalytic converters and exhaust systems.  So we need a future for vehicles that is not rooted in fossil fuels.  Some people believe that it is hydrogen or some other propulsion method, but I think that the future of transportation is electric vehicles.  Although much of the electricity in the world is still created with fossil fuels, more and more is created with renewable energy that creates no harmful emissions and doesn’t pollute at all.  This means that cars can be charged and driven without creating any bad pollution whatsoever.    So for this reason I think that electric cars are the future and that we should put all our energy and resources into producing electric cars that are better than current fossil fuel powered vehicles.

So this blog is going to contain news, reviews, comparisons, and more information about the electric car industry, as well as do-it-yourself information and more.

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