Denmark EV Sales Down After Tax Breaks Phased Out

Sales on electric vehicles in Denmark have plummeted since they started to phase out their tax break incentives to buyers.  Post tax break electric vehicle sales were 1,300 in 2016, while the amount of EVs sold in the month of December 2015 alone, when the tax breaks were still in effect, were exactly the same.  Hopefully this doesn’t signal a coming wave cuts on tax breaks, as this is a major factor in the choice to buy an EV for many people.  Although it is not the only reason people buy an electric vehicle, it certainly does help.  And considering the fact that EVs aren’t exactly cheap compared to fossil fuel powered cars, the majority of people simply cannot afford to buy them without the help of tax breaks and other incentives.  Hopefully this is an isolated story and other countries will not follow suit.  We will see what the future holds, and if other countries enact similar policies, but hopefully they will not.


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