BMW’s All Electric 3-Series Coming in September

BMW released it’s first all electric vehicle, the i3, with little excitement from consumers. But now they have announced that they will be showing an all electric version of their standard 3-series line of cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. This offering will no doubt be very popular, as most manufacturers have only specific cars that are gas and others that are electric, not a vehicle that can be had in either variety. And since the 3-series is BMW’s most popular line of cars, the electric version will likely be very popular indeed. Very little information is known about the all-electric 3-series at the moment. All that has been said, besides the fact that it will be showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, is the fact that it will have a range of 248 miles. And it is thought that even though they are unveiling it to the public this year, it may not actually be available to the public for some time.

In order to pay for all the research and development that goes into creating all electric vehicles, BMW has scrapped many of their less popular options in order to save money, including the manual transmission in a few of their cars as well as certain steering wheels- of which there are over 100 different options. Although their electric vehicle segment is profitable, it is less so than their combustion engine vehicles, and they plan on cutting costs in order to meet their profitability goals. Their target profit margin is 8-10%, and they forecast a slight increase in earnings this year.

Aside from the electric version of the 3, BMW Group has also stated that they will release an all electric version of the Mini in 2019. So hopefully soon BMW will have a full line of all electric and hybrid electric vehicles. As a performance luxury auto maker this is very exciting. They already have a high end hybrid in the i8 model, so it will be very exciting to see some more performance electric and hybrid cars from BMW. As a huge fan of BMW, with my first 2 cars being from the brand, I am really excited to see what electric offerings they will have in the near future. It would be awesome to see an electric or even hybrid version of an M car, their high performance division. I would also love to see an all electric version of a Rolls Royce model, which I think would fit right in with the Rolls Royce line up, especially since electric vehicles are very quiet, one of things that Rolls Royce cars strive to be. Or perhaps a car like their i3 extended range version, that has an internal combustion engine that works like a generator – kicking in to recharge the batteries but not to power the wheels. This would be great because it would not limit the range and charging ability, so passengers can be chauffeured whenever and wherever they want in near silence, without having to stop at a supercharger location after 200 or so miles. I’m hoping that BMW has a bright future in the EV segment and I hope that that they help lift the EV segment as a whole.


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